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Support to me!

Auto Start, Stop, Pause the timer

No need to press hotkeys to start or end a run every time. (but if you want, you can!) The timer starts and stops automatically.

Customize Timer

Timer position, size, and color, these are all customizable.

Support Many Category

It supports many categories, and if don't find the category you want, you can use the Custom Category to reset and start the timer with a hotkey.

Many Timer Options

You can set when the timer starts, when the timer is displayed or something.

Support Custom Font by TTF

You can apply a font to timer by TTF(TrueType Font)

Users timer customization

by Outcast
by dwoh
by Felix
by mollyyxy
by Erikfzf

Did you have any feedback or report?

Please create an issue on Github. I'll take care of it!